In my work as a yoga teacher and trainer, I combine various yoga styles with my experiences and knowledge in physiotherapy, bodywork, and energy work.
It is very important to me not only to focus on the correct execution and alignment in the asanas (postures), but also to teach my students to feel within and perceive the energies, and with some practice, to direct them. My approach is always individually tailored to the needs and conditions of the individual or group. I teach intuitively, so your physical, emotional, or mental blockages also find space in my lessons.
Depending on the topic, my teaching style can be powerful and sweaty in yoga flows, arm balances & inversions, as well as gentle and relaxing in Yin or Hatha yoga, energetic and transformative in Shakti Naam / Kundalini yoga, and healing in fascia, physio, or therapeutic yoga.
It is important to me to reawaken childlike joy, lightness, and curiosity within you. As children, we moved more and did things “simply,” without judging or comparing ourselves to others.
It is not important that you are already flexible! What is important is that you are interested in doing something good for yourself and your body.
You don’t have to be spiritually or esoterically inclined to practice yoga! What is important is that you remain open to the world and the depths of yoga, which go far beyond the physical practice.