Holistic (physiotherapy) therapy, body & energy work


As a holistic therapist, I not only incorporate my knowledge and experience as a physiotherapist into my work, but also body, breathing and relaxation exercises from yoga. Far Eastern healing methods from body and energy work, which I learnt abroad (Reiki, Thai yoga massage, meridian treatments…) round off the offer.

Each treatment is individually tailored to you and your physical and psycho-emotional needs. For me, holistic means seeing the whole person.

This includes the anamnesis, the status report where I look at your posture and movement patterns, but also your current life situation, your stress factors and your mental and emotional issues and give you valuable everyday tips.

It will always be a combination of everything, as all elements merge together and are applied as required.

Yogalifestyle - Physiotherapy

Book Your Holistic Treatment

  • PHYSIOTHERAPY with Prescription or Private
    20 min for €30, 40 min for €50, or 60 min for €70
  • PHYSIOYOGA with Prescription or Private
    60 min for €70 or 90 min for €100
  • CLASSICAL MASSAGE THERAPY with Prescription or Private
    20 min for €30, 40 min for €50, or 60 min for €70
  • MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE with Prescription or Private
    30 min for €40 or 60 min for €70
  • THAI YOGA MASSAGE as Self-Payer
    90 min for €100 or 120 min for €130
  • CHAKRA BALANCING as Self-Payer
    30 min for €40
  • CRANIOSACRAL & REIKI as Self-Payer
    30 min for €40 or 60 min for €70
Dates are from September 2024
at the
Stützle practice for holistic therapy,
Scheuergasse 5,
88348 Bad Saulgau
under 0176 97848191 to arrange.

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